About Us
The Iketsetse Bo Ka Moso Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a network of seasoned specialists consulting in the
line of product and services. We provide both strategic and tactical consulting services for emerging
and established ICT service providers.
We adopt a hands-on approach by working directly with our clients on their specific projects by
identifying gaps and applying industry best practice methodologies to help them to deliver their
services to market in an agile and cost-effective manner.

Our Goal and Vision
We believe a successful journey through any product life cycle is determined by properly planned
product development and management practises.
Our goal is to help our clients improve their product development and business processes, increasing
their market share, revenue, margins and improving related metrics.
Furthermore, our vision is to assist our customers to achieve double-digit gains in customer
satisfaction and product quality through business practice that we offer.

We strive and focus on helping our client to deliver successful innovative products and services
through an inspired and unique business practice.
We also strive to help our clients to increase their market share and to substantial create
improvements of their customer satisfaction plus help them to deliver quality products.
Of paramount our mission is to assist our clients to best benefit from their invested infrastructure by
making sure that it effectively returning investment as per their business projection.

How can we help?
Successful companies build innovative products in an agile and cost-effective manner. To achieve
this, we assist our clients through our agile business process practice that will separate them to their
We help our clients to seamlessly connect with their vision, strategy and product roadmaps. We do
this by effectively prioritizing requirements, identifying new products based on the capability of the
infrastructure, identifying product inefficiencies network wise and assist in managing end-of-product
We assist our clients to define, develop, test and launch products. We also help to enhance and
manage older products to ensure the incremental value they add is worth more than the cost of
maintaining and supporting them without proper care.

What is our Industry Strength?

  • Understand and articulate customer problems and pain points
  • Define new product features that improve your bottom line
  • Align development resources with market opportunities and corporate goals
  • Align requirements with invested infrastructure
  • Help you articulate product value to your customers
  • Reduce development and supports costs by phasing out older products
  • Facilitate the transition from an engineering to standard products company
  • Look at ways to provide added-value to customers
  • Refine the boundaries between your core business & related service offerings
  • Evaluate the best way to deliver a product or service to market
  • Evaluate cost to deliver a product or service on the infrastructure

What makes us different?

  • Comprehensive understanding of the product development process
  • Reality-based analysis and decision making
  • Established methodology from early product definition to end-of-life plans
  • Fast turnaround on projects, resulting in lower costs
  • Excel at working with cross-functional teams
  • Ability to work as an integral part of your team
  • Trusted network of complementary service providers
  • Access to some of the best talent anywhere

What Services do we offer?
Our product portfolio service offering is centred around three pillars, mainly;

  • Professional services
  • Infrastructure
  • ISP services.

Our Professional Services encompass the following:

  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • Product and Software Testing
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Product Training

Infrastructure encompasses the following:

  • FTTx Services
  • Network Services

ISP Services encompass the following

  • IoT Services
  • Managed Services
  • Network Services

What we deliver

  • Market and Product Requirements Documents
  • Concept Documents
  • Technical Product Description Documents
  • Technical Assessment Documents
  • Product Roadmaps and Vision
  • Development Project Plans for Project Managers
  • Prioritized Feature Sets
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Beta Program Management
  • Feature, Schedule, Cost Tradeoff Reports
  • Product Positioning and Messaging
  • Features and Benefits Statements
  • Unique Selling Propositions
  • Training Materials
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Product Demonstrations

How do we get involved?

We also partner with multinational corporations to ensure that our clients get exposed to international
industry standard services